Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Soldier preview: Watch ALL THE VIDEOS!

Hey, guys!

I’m finally bowing to Facebook pressure and writing a series on Captain America: The Winter Soldier to rival last month’s Guardians of the Galaxy five-parter. While I work on all that material, which will run through next week, I thought I’d kick things off by collecting all the various trailers, clips, and other videos in one place. There’s an awful lot of this stuff, and there’s an awful lot of stuff in it, so you’ll want to watch closely.

And maybe breathe into a bag. Or is that just me?

Seriously, though, I am insanely excited for this movie, and I’m equally excited to be sharing my stupidly encyclopedic knowledge of the Winter Soldier with you next week. There will be lots and lots of pictures, and quite a lot of humor, even though the Winter Soldier comics aren’t nearly as zany as GotG. But when your supposedly grim and dour comic includes a gorilla with a machine gun and a ruthless assassin who’s terrified of public speaking, you can’t be serious all the time.

So here, from beginning to end, are the videos we’ve seen so far.

First is the initial trailer, from back in October:

Then this spot aired during the Super Bowl in January, focusing on the origin of the Winter Soldier (and featuring a cameo by his de facto creator, Ed Brubaker):

Then there's the first TV spot:

Followed soon after by a TV spot that let slip the phrase “Fury’s last words”. Soooo, he’s dead? Not buying that:

And then there was this little gem, touting lots and lots of ’splosions. Even Nick Fury looks worried:

Then there was this Black Widow feature from Marvel UK:

And this paranoia-laden feature, also from Marvel UK:

All this was finally followed up last week by this Fandango spot, which combined an early scene from the movie (Black Widow should NOT be giving relationship advice!) with a bonus trailer on the end (why yes, that IS our first clear shot of the Winter Soldier’s unmasked face):

Are you excited? I am! But where did I leave that bag …?

See you next week!

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