Monday, March 18, 2013

Shiny new toys ...

This was supposed to be an art blog.

The goal was to take this not-too-bad sketch I did of Rae’s new costume (note the pretty patterning on her hood) and use a new trick I’ve thought up to demonstrate what might be the new art style for Volume 2. I’m hoping to use the watercolor effects on my Bamboo tablet to create a sort of painted look over pencil art.

Well, personal drama intervened last night, and I’ve got a dental appointment this morning, so all I’ve got for you today is the very first sketch in my shiny new sketchbook (pictured in last week’s blog entry). I’ll try to post the painted-up version to the Facebook page soon.

In the meantime, you’ll all be pleased to hear that I made this sketch as a reward for writing 1000 words last night. 1000 words in which we find out what was inside those envelopes we saw at the end of Volume 1, and why Trevor’s in particular is driving him berserk. And I left off just at the point where somebody smells an approaching horse in a place where a horse cannot possibly be … 

Such things keep me motivated. After all, I've got to get back to work if I want to find out what happens.

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