Monday, March 25, 2013

I cannot blog today, because MASKS is coming back ...

This is not the Orb of Occam.

I don’t have time to blog today. I am stupidly busy.

What am I doing? Oh, just writing a couple of Masks chapters. And probably drawing at least one chapter illustration. Also a certain amount of cursing and banging my head on the table.

Half my work hours got canceled today, and I’m not even all that upset because it gives me more time to eat this elephant.

The next new chapter goes up sometime on Wednesday. Maybe not super early in the day, but Wednesday.

There is a very big fight in it. Fight choreography is going to be a thing for me today. And for those of you who have read previous drafts … yeah, the Orb of Occam is in it. We all remember the Orb of Occam. As in, “No! Not the Orb of Occam!”

So this is me not blogging. I’m writing instead.

Why are you still reading this? You’re keeping me from working …

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