Monday, July 25, 2011

Pocket Coyote goes to Comic-Con!

So I went to Comic-Con on Friday, July 22, and as usual I took photos of the Pocket Coyote with any interesting person who would stand still long enough. Here are the results:

1. My photo binge began with four of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s classic Sandman comics. From left to right, they are Death, Delirium, Dream (the Daniel version), and Desire. They wish me to mention that they endorse I think that’s where they got their fabulous hair!

2. Pocket Coyote then decided to break down barriers between pseudo-species by making his first feline friend of the day—Cheetara from ThunderCats! (You can also see another cosplayer taking a break in the background—is that Psylocke from the X-Men, or am I ignorant of my video game characters again?)

3. Then my favorite plushie went upstairs to the Sail Pavilion, where he befriended Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel, in two of the nicest costumes I saw all day. Shazam!

4. Double points! Pocket Coyote managed to find Waldo in the crowd, and snagged a photo op with his brother, the Tenth Doctor. I asked him whether he got a TARDIS key out of the deal, or whether it was fun to be sonicked, but he just muttered something about “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” and would say no more …

5. The Riddler, far from Gotham City but dapper as ever …

6. It was pretty crowded down on the con floor, and I literally bumped into Darth Vader. It seems he finds the plushie’s lack of faith disturbing … 

7. Luckily Kato came along to rescue the Pocket Coyote before he joined the dark side!

8. Then we wandered through the lobby, and the Pocket Coyote met a couple of wandering members of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion (Vader’s Fist!), who seem to think that this is the plushie they were looking for … No word on whether they were supposed to be bodyguarding Vader, though.

9. Pocket Coyote is enchanted by a passing Ravenclaw …

10. And enchanted all over again by the Mistress of Magic, Zatanna!

11. Down in the Artists’ Alley, Pocket Coyote makes a friend of Phoenix of the X-Men …

12. And—in my favorite photo of the entire day—the well-traveled plushie was introduced to Peter S. Beagle, the widely acclaimed author of The Last Unicorn and the recent Hugo-winning story Two Hearts! (Mr. Beagle is displaying a Masks bookmark as well, for those of you who want to see how the finished product came out!)

13. On our way out of the Artists’ Alley, the Pocket Coyote took a little detour to hunt the biggest of all game with my radio favorite, the Green Hornet (who was looking for Kato—did you two ever find each other?)!

14. And last of all, the Pocket Coyote attached himself to the long-suffering Harry Dresden—wizard for hire, private investigator extraordinaire and star of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels. Harry looks rather resigned to having yet another magical animal adopt him … I hope Mister and Mouse don’t get jealous!

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