Monday, August 2, 2010

The Big Announcement (for today)

I’ll make it short and sweet:

On August 10, I will post a new FREE short story in the blog. It’ll probably be around 5,000 words, it’ll be called “Zephyr Street”, and it will take place between the events of “Motion Capture” and the beginning of Masks. It’ll be about Rae solving the murder of one of the masks who died during the purge ten years ago.

On September 10, as a birthday gift to myself, I will post a second FREE short story in the blog, also set between “Motion Capture” and Masks, of about the same length as “Zephyr Street.” It doesn’t have a title yet, but it will be about Trevor having a little adventure around the time he first arrives in Los Angeles. There will almost certainly be running and screaming.

These stories will be designed as jumping-on points for the Masks universe—I’m hoping to recruit some more readers as we head into autumn. Oh, and there will be at least one contest coming up before my birthday … haven’t decided what the prize is, though.

Now don’t ever say I never give you anything.

Oh, and there’ll be a regular blog entry sometime tonight … a comic book review …

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  1. I'll take the first one as part of mt birthday present, thankyewwwwww