Sunday, March 28, 2010

This blog entry does not exist. But MASKS still needs your help!

Those of you who’ve been watching this blog for a while know that occasionally I ask for reader assistance. It’s never anything illegal or immoral … well, never the colorful kinds of immoral that end up on The Smoking Gun … but the fact is that I run this thing half for our collective amusement and half to accomplish a goal. I want my book published. A fair number of you seem to want to see it published, so you can read it. And in order for us all to get what we want, we need to help each other out from time to time.

You didn’t hear it from me, but this is one of those times.

I am under strict orders not to tell you what is going on. But it’s big. Even though I don’t exactly know everything that’s going on, the part that I do know about is big. Really big. And it has a timetable attached.

Remember when I asked you guys to make some noise on the MySpace page as I was submitting Masks to agents? And remember how I ended up signing with an agent? Well, it’s kind of like that again, only bigger. No, I haven’t lost my agent, but I need some noise. And I’m willing to bribe you for it.

In the next two weeks, I would be embarrassingly grateful if you guys could make as much noise on the Facebook and MySpace pages, and this blog, as possible. Likes, comments, links, pictures, fan content, new recruits, whatever. The more posts, the better; the more posters, the better. I know from my page stats that I have a fair number of anonymous lurkers, and I respect your right to lurk, but this is a big deal, and time-sensitive, so I’m going to ask you to creep out of hiding for a few days and make some noise so the people involved in this Really Big Thing know you’re there. We are trying to get some folks to run toward the screaming, and that means we need some screaming.

I’m very sorry that I can’t yet tell you more than this about the Really Big Thing and why it’s time-sensitive, but believe me, if and when I get to tell the story, it will be a good one. It will be even better if the Really Big Thing goes our way. Which brings me to the bribe.

That’s right, I’m not asking you to fan-camp the pages out of the goodness of your hearts—I’m going to bribe you. If the page gets noisy, and the Really Big Thing goes well, I will post a new video I’ve had waiting around for a little while. It will be related to Masks, and it will be funny.

Your support has meant a lot to me in this long journey to get Masks published, and I hope you’ll stick with me for this.

Oh, and if anybody asks, this blog entry never happened. Shhh. :)


  1. this blog doesn't exist, and neither does this comment. but there WILL be noise on the ones that do :-D

  2. And if we are caught or captured, the author will disavow all knowledge of our extistence, we got it.