Friday, March 5, 2010

How to be a bad influence

Well, this is embarrassing.

A friend has asked me to come speak at an afterschool reading program for disadvantaged kids next week. (She tells me I’m famous enough to impress the kids, even if I don’t have a book in bookstores. I hadn’t realized kids were so easily impressed.) I’m supposed to bring one of my heavily marked-up manuscripts to show off so that they can learn about how good writers revise their work. I have also offered to bring bookmarks to give to the kids, because they pay more attention when bribes are involved.

And typically, my mouth has written a check my brain can’t cash. My snarky sense of humor is definitely getting the better of me, as you can see from my most recent attempt at bookmark design.

The bookmarks are supposed to be cool-looking and PG-rated, tops, with something on them about the importance of reading. These kids are a little below my target market for Masks, since they read at something like a third-grade level (not my third-grade level, a normal third-grade level), so the bookmarks needn’t have much to do with the content of the novel, as long as there’s nothing in them that would cause parents to storm the school with pitchforks and torches.

So I’m now officially taking suggestions for bookmark slogans, using any piece of artwork that’s been posted to this page. Winner gets an advance look at “Motion Capture.” Contest ends Wednesday, March 10.

I’ll be over in the corner, trying to get my snark under control.

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