Monday, July 15, 2013

Comic-Con, Redbubble, and a chapter this week if it kills me

Shortish entry today, guys. Sorry. News items, in no particular order:

1. I’m experimenting with a new T-shirt supplier. Since moving to my new place and getting a job that’s mostly online, I’ve pretty much lived in geeky T-shirts. (I’ve never been a fan of sitting around in my pajamas all day—wear anything more than one day in a row, with my nose, and you’ll be sorry.) Of my various suppliers, Offworld Designs is still my favorite, but Redbubble has more of a selection and will let me post my own stuff. The printing is also of higher quality than Cafepress, and there are more ways to customize any given shirt. I’ve taken a whack at my first-ever Redbubble T-shirt design, which you can see above. I really wanted a Bucky Cap shirt, and it was a good way to get more familiar with my drawing tablet. If it comes out okay, you’ll probably see some Masks designs on Redbubble, and maybe some from my other work, too.

2. Comic-Con! Yes, I’m going again. More than one day this time, too. And I’m going about 90% as a civilian—I’ll have bookmarks and buttons and stuff, but this year is going to be more low-key for a lot of reasons. Trying to learn some new things about fan culture and navigating it, and maybe have a bit of fun. I’ll take Pocket Coyote, though, and there will be pictures.

3. There will be a new chapter this week if I have to write it in blood. I’m not going to Comic-Con without a shiny new chapter up to show people. You heard it here first. In the meantime, if you could see the progress I’m making on Teh Novel, you’d be really impressed, but that doesn’t mean a darned thing on a blog.

Oh, well. Nice-looking T-shirt, eh? I am open to suggestions for Masks designs …  

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