Monday, September 24, 2012

New toy!

So here’s what I’ve been up to for the past week!

I have just been given a little Wacom Bamboo tablet, and I’m having loads of fun with it. The picture at the top of this blog entry was my first attempt at something somebody might recognize—our friend the Pocket Coyote. I hope to graduate, eventually, to doing all the Masks illustrations on it. (That’s part of why it’s only been sketches so far …)

But for now everything I draw makes me look like a brain-damaged toddler, so there’s clearly a bit of a learning curve with this sucker. You’ll probably have to put up with bizarre attempted illustrations on Facebook, but, well, if you’re put off by my lousy artwork, you’ve long since stopped reading this blog or Pocket Coyote.

Still, airbrush, eh? I can do airbrush now. And watercolor. And pen … and I don’t make a mess all over the carpet …
Wednesday, by the way, is Chapter 3 of Volume 2. LOTS of fighting. Watch for the Orb of Occam …


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    1. The carpet rejoices! (And welcome back, szventh--it's lovely to see you!)