Monday, July 9, 2012

Comic-Con, Ghost Dance, and good news / bad news

Please don’t kill me. I’ve been working on it, honest.

Well, no, actually, I haven’t been working on “Ghost Dance.” I’ve been working on Volume 2, which is more important but less urgent for reasons I’ll explain.

Good news first—“Ghost Dance” will hit the web by Saturday, July 14, during Comic-Con. (I’m going on Sunday this year.) You guys will finally get to meet the Black  Mask and Eagle Eye and thrill to one of their stranger adventures just after the end of World War II. Can I get an excited squee, please?

Less-good news—Volume 2 is running behind schedule, and will be delayed until September. Sorry, guys. It’s turning out a bit more complex than I expected, and life is interfering. More bloggage on that later.

Good news again—I have bookmarks! Two kinds! Here is the artwork for both of them—one featuring Rae and one featuring Trevor. And heeeeeeeere is the text that goes on the back of them, to whet your appetite for Volume 2:

On the Rae bookmark:

There are capes—heroes with powers. There are masks—wannabes with a few tricks. Everyone knows who the real heroes are.

Until now.

Rae Masterson, a.k.a. Merlin, doesn’t let her lack of powers stop her from fighting the good fight. At 17, she’s already saved her city, built a superhero team, and fallen in love with her crimefighting partner, Peregrine. But everyone knows masks live fast, die young, and leave anonymous corpses. Rae’s time is running out.

When Peregrine’s bloody past comes back to haunt him and a long-dead hero suddenly returns to life, Rae must choose between love and survival. To save the world, she must confront her own death. To save Peregrine, she must make a deal with the devil. Can she do it?

And if she does, who will save her?

On the Trevor bookmark:

There are capes—heroes with powers. There are masks—wannabes with a few tricks. Everyone knows who the real heroes are.

Until now.

Trevor Gray, a.k.a. Peregrine, was born to be a hero. Raised as a sidekick, he took up the colors of his missing mentor and now fights on in his name. At 17, he’s built a team of young heroes and fallen in love with his masked partner, Merlin. But death is never far from any mask, and now it’s paid Trevor a visit.

When a last message from his teacher upends his life and a long-lost hero returns from the dead, Trevor must choose between duty and love. To save the world, he must confront his demons. To save Merlin, he must break her heart. Can he do it?

And if he does, who will save him?

Are you excited? I am!

Further good news—I have the most adorable Pocket Coyote buttons known to man. Here’s a photo:

And finally, less-good news—I am not totally sure there’s going to be a blog entry next Monday, because my schedule for next week is absolutely psychotic. I will probably be spending a lot of time on the road for work-related stuff—teaching classes in another city, having meetings, etc. If I can blog from God-knows-where, I will. If I can’t, I won’t. It might not be on Monday, either, because I expect to be completely exhausted from Comic-Con. I will try to get con photos up on this blog and on Pocket Coyote sometime next week for everyone to enjoy, but I won’t be seeing much of my house and you may hear zombie-like groans coming from the depths of the internet. Bear with me, guys.

And while you’re at it, be sure to keep submitting names for our contest to name the coyote!

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