Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not dead ...

Well, this has been a lively little blog of late, hasn’t it?

I’m very sorry, everyone. It’s been a thoroughly craptastic couple of weeks—I’ve had my entire work schedule turned upside down, and I’ve had to reset my circadian rhythm as a result, and it’s not exactly cooperating. I’m very much a night owl by nature, and half the time I’m getting up so early I might as well not go to bed at all.

So to make it up to you, I thought I’d share this preliminary shot of some T-shirt art I’m doing for Comic-Con this year. That’s right, I’m doing a sequel to last year’s Rae shirt, this time with Trevor. I tried to give the figure a little sense of motion this time, an impression that he was plunging out of the darkness while Rae seemed to sidle back into it. I even managed to include the sling he used both in his sidekick days and against Cobalt in Volume 1. And yes, his right eye is blank by design—I’m trying to do something where the lens is at the wrong angle to show the eye behind it, so that only his left eye is visible. I thought it would mirror Rae’s single visible eye better, and also hint at Trevor’s rather shadowy nature. You never can see everything he’s up to, or everything he’s thinking, can you?

I haven’t decided yet what quote to slap on the design—although at least one person has suggested “Always run toward the screaming”—but I think it’s a good counterpart to the Rae image. What do you all say to his-and-hers bookmarks?

Colors soon … and feel free to suggest quotes in the comments!

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