Monday, January 10, 2011

Some fairly awesome news

I’m going on a school visit!

Sharp-eyed readers (and Mr. Olson’s minions, of course) will recall that I made a visit to a junior-high English class in Texas via Skype back in October. Well, this time it’s not Skype. I am getting on a train and chugging my way out to Bullhead City, Arizona, where I will be speaking at Mohave High School (go, Thunderbirds!).

I will do my best to take photos even as I do my best to warp young minds without burning down the building. I will try to post said photos, although I’m bunking at a friend’s house and internet access will be iffy. So the page may be sparsely updated next week.

BUT … the REASON I am trekking to Bullhead City is to lead a writing workshop based on my new short story, which you fine folks will get to see when Free Comic Book Day rolls around on May 7. I’m also working to develop curriculum for it at the high-school level, which I will make available for free on my website whenever I get around to making one. (Don’t hold your breath … I have to read Web Design For Dummies first.) Any teachers in California, Texas, or New York who’d be interested in helping me tailor the curriculum to your respective state education guidelines, hit me up and you’ll get to read the story a few months early, albeit without the illustrations. Plus a Skype visit, unless you’re in southern California, in which case you might get an in-person visit.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you saying, get to the part that matters to ME! Well, all this means that 1) a new short story is in the pipeline, which is ALWAYS good news; 2) Masks is getting a toehold in our lovely educational system, which is good news for both overworked teachers (translation: all teachers) and bored students; and 3) my completely awesome friends and fans have found yet another way to prove the viability of this book from a publishing standpoint.

Bullhead City, here I come!


  1. Like Like Like! And, you have the bracelet to wear for the event!

  2. Yeash...
    Uhm, well, I was the one that asked you if you'd make me a character in one of your stories.
    And then kill me off.
    You instructed me to comment on your blog.
    And so here I am.

  3. Hi, I was one of the students in Bullhead. You may remember me as the girl who was carrying around that painting, or you may remember me as the girl who asked you how hard it was to get a book published! I'm excited about your book and I can't wait to read it!

  4. Yes, I remember both of you guys! Meg Ingle, I will have to find a way to kill you off in an upcoming story (hmmm ... [maniacal laugh]). Amberlynn Nodes, of course I remember you! I hope you enjoy the page and the blog, and I wish you good luck on your own project!

  5. Thank you very much, you're creative writing class helped me a lot!