Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Rae and Trevor!

Well, electronically.

Once again, I find myself in need of a little online noise—traffic on the blog and Facebook page, people reposting and commenting on the trailer videos, etc. Once again, I can’t tell you why I need that noise, for the usual reasons. And once again, I’m willing to bribe you to have fun. Does it get any better than this?

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, so Rae’s off school for the week (or maybe just playing hooky again—it’s hard to tell the difference). Trevor, of course, does not go to school except to tinker in the computer lab and eavesdrop on the guidance counselor’s office. Captain Catastrophe is visiting family back East, so his next nefarious plot will probably focus on TSA screeners in Atlanta, and therefore he’s not much of a threat to L.A. right now. The forces of evil are mostly either trying to get their Christmas-death-spree shopping done early or still putting the finishing touches on turkey-based death rays.

In short, my heroes are just a little bit bored. So I’m going to let them out to play with all of you.

For the next week, Rae, Trevor, and my other characters will be answering fan questions on this blog and on the Masks Facebook page. So if there’s something you absolutely have to know about the world of Masks, this is your chance to ask the source. Have you ever wondered where the hell Rae’s parents are, and why they don’t seem to mind her running around in the dark beating people up? You can ask her, and she’ll tell you. Or maybe you’d like to know what the Masked Rider does when he’s not delivering cryptic warnings and casually foiling robberies with spray paint. He’s got an answer for that, although you might have to get Nathan Fillion to translate. And Trevor’s got so many secrets I know you’ll have questions for him (How did he end up a superhero’s sidekick? What did he do for two years on the road? Where did the creepy voices in his head come from?), and maybe he’ll even give you a straight answer to one or two. The coyote will be available for questions, too, although of course you can’t always trust what a trickster says.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know something about one of the Masks characters … or even something about the world (Where did superheroes come from? Why didn’t new masks come into L.A. after the purge killed off the old ones? Do superheroes often fall in love with each other, or are Rae and Trevor an exception?), this is your chance.

To ask a question, leave a comment on this blog entry or a post on the book’s Facebook page (see the links in the column to the right), addressing the question to the relevant party. (Example: “Coyote: How do you stay ahead of Animal Control?”) I’ll get back to you with the character’s responses throughout the week. (“I iz wily. And I bitez thru truck tires.”) The best questions and responses will be reprinted in an interview on this blog later.

Now let’s make some noise!


  1. Coyote: Better thingz to eet sumtimez. I haz standardz.

    Masked Rider: I used to carry a Colt Single Action Army revolver, .45 caliber. I now carry something a mite like it, loaded with none of your affair.

  2. Rae: ...
    Trevor: ...
    Rae: You had to be there?
    Trevor: I'm kind of glad he wasn't. Should I just tell him you gave me your sandwich and it was love at first sight?
    Rae: Except you picked my pocket like thirty seconds later.
    Trevor: Details. You got the key back.
    Rae: I guess we can't tell him about--
    Trevor: No, we really can't.
    Rae: Sandwich it is.

  3. Rae: I went to a bar full of supervillains last week. Does that count?
    Trevor: Social lives are for normal people. I don't know any of those.
    Coyote: I eatz socialitez. And theyr littul dogz too.
    John Lawrence: I enjoy square-dancing. No, really.
    Masked Rider: I've a full social calendar, considerin' most of the folk I know are dead.
    Captain Catastrophe: I have a girlfriend. It's complicated.

  4. Let's see if it'll post this time ...

    Ironically, Cobalt's response was "[REDACTED]".