Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to the MASKS Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Masks blog!

Actually, this is the recap of the Masks blog that has been running on MySpace since October. I'm going to post a previous entry every day until we're caught up, and then post simultaneously.

So who's "me"? Well, my name's Rebekah, and I'm an L.A.-based author of a novel called Masks, about a secret crimefighter subculture in Los Angeles and the thoroughly un-super girl who's trying to use it to her own ends ... but ends up having to save the world instead. A website with tons of free stuff is in the works, but until then, come be my MySpace buddy (www.MySpace.com/MasksOnline) and join the vast conspiracy. (More on the conspiracy later.)

[Originally posted on MySpace on 14 October 2007)

As you may have read already, this page has two purposes—to promote my novel, Masks, and to provide all of you with some free entertainment, thought-provoking content, and a place to hang out. New entries will appear weekly—more often if I can swing it. Some of the cool stuff you can expect here over the next few weeks:

-Character of the Month: Every month, I’ll take one of Masks’ wild and wacky characters and give you the complete rundown on him or her. We’re talking everything from superpowers to favorite ice cream flavors . . . and they can both get pretty weird. For example, did you know that the character currently serving as the profile image ended World War I single-handed? At least, he thinks so . . .

-The Free Lunch: Your high school economics teacher lied. There IS a free lunch. Watch for free mini-stories set in the world of Masks. Secret origins, skeletons in the closet, and little-known moments in characters’ lives will all be on display. Also, perhaps, ninjas. That’s still being negotiated.

-Watch This Space: What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t just yak from time to time? Expect trenchant wit and brilliant observations on the state of modern culture, from comic books to opera to whatever else catches my attention. Always entertaining, often timely, and probably not going to get me sued. What more can you ask?

-The Neverending Battle: Getting published ain’t for sissies. Watch this space for updates on everything I learn about agents, marketing, contracts, and the other stuff they don’t teach you in creative writing classes. I used to wish more experienced writers would talk about this stuff in interviews, and while I’m still pretty new at this, I’m happy to share whatever knowledge I obtain. Somebody should.

Ready? Everybody got a nice, tight grip on their emotions? Then click our happy little “Subscribe” link and gear up for our next thrilling installment—how this bizarre genre-bender of a novel got started in the first place. Highlights include horrible childhood traumas, an overly friendly Labrador retriever, and (what else?) an evil cheerleader! Don’t miss it!

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